Link Layer


I am using JGo 4.1, And am attempting to add FlowLinks to a JGoDocument I have the layer visible set to false. So when I add nodes I cannot see them until I set the layer visible to true. But Link do not fall under this catagory. They are displayed even though the layer visible is set to null.


It’s fairly common to have a separate layer to show the links. Perhaps your links are indeed in a different layer and that JGoLayer.isVisible() is still true.
As you can see in JGoView.paintDocumentObjects, JGoView just skips over layers unless they are isVisible(), so if you can still see your links, they must be in some layer that isVisible().


I am printing out the number of layers in the Document and there is only 1.


Hmmm. You’re not adding the links to the JGoView instead of the view’s JGoDocument, are you?