Link Lines goes Wild



Now Ive updated to the 2.2.1 Version,

But now I got an another strange problem… it is when I use the GoLayout feature… all the links gets doublated, if Im using “Style = GoStrokeStyle.Line” for the links (or any other Line*) as the Beizer style actually works fine…

here is how it looks:

What has gone wrong?

Daniel Halan


That definitely looks like you have two links between each pair of ports. Did you set GoPort.IsValidDuplicateLinks to true on the ports, so that the user might (accidentally) create more than one link between the same pair of ports? Or did you programmatically create a link twice, perhaps some error in your document loading code?


no, have not set IsValidDuplicateLinks to true, and not setting 2 links… as If I dont use the layout it looks all normal… it is only when I use a Layout when it gets all crazy…



ah found the bug… it was my fault ofcourse, I’ve put the layout creation in a iterive function… so it was created more then once…