Link overlapping on Two swim lanes (vertical) node

I have one category with different two swim lanes, I tried to connect two nodes in between swmming lanes but link is overlapping on node.

I tried to set avoidable: false for groupTemplate and groupTemplateMap but no luck.

myDiagram.groupTemplate =
			$(go.Group, "Auto",
                                              avoidable: false,
                                              layout: $(go.TreeLayout,
							angle: 90,
							arrangement: go.TreeLayout.ArrangementHorizontal

(go.Group, "Auto", { avoidable: false, layout: (PoolLayout, { spacing: new go.Size(20, 20) })

myDiagram.linkTemplate =
routing: go.Link.AvoidsNodes,
relinkableFrom: true,
relinkableTo: true,
corner: 2,
smoothness: 1.0

PFA of the problem.

One problem might be that the “ATR Connector” node is too close to the “Tool Gateway” node, forcing the link routing to go over “ATR Connector”. If you increase the space between the nodes, there might be enough room to go around. Although there might be other reasons that even that doesn’t happen.