Link Placement and visual tree


This is for GoXam (VS2010)

We’re developing an MDI type application where a user can have multiple diagrams open.
We’re also using a 3rd party ribbon control that allows us to switch back and forth between the ‘main’ view and the backstage ribbon view.

Here’s is what the initial main view looks like:

As you can see I have a diagram open called ‘Finance Demo’. My ribbon button is top-left surrounded by the red border. If I click the ribbon button it moves to the backstage area of the ribbon, as can be seen below:

The problem is if I click the ribbon button again to go back to main view, the links on the open diagram are displaced, as can been seen below:

We are also using a 3rd party docking control and I’ve noticed this same link displacment behaviour when undocking a diagram.

I’m believe in both cases the issue is being caused by the diagram being temporarily removed from the visual tree.

Please can you give some suggestions on how to fix this? Is is possible to force to the diagram to redraw itself or recalculate it’s layout?


You probably want to set Diagram.UnloadingClearsPartManager=“False”. But we have talked about this before, so you might be doing this already, in which case there must be some other cause.

Hi Walter

Actually, in this particular scenario, setting UnloadingClearsPartManager=“False” seems to have solved the issue. I removed it from our previous discussions on a similar issue because in those scenarios setting UnloadingClearsPartManager had no effect.