Link problem

I create JGoIconicNode in the view. If you draw link between two nodes, I guess because of icon is rectangular, link is not direct connec to idon of node but seem to icon rectangular. Do JGO has any way to has seemless connection between two nodes?
Please see screen shot.
Router red is well linked while both switched black links are not connect to the icon.

I suspect no one can see the image on your local machine.
The Icon of a JGoIconicNode is normally a JGoImage. That displays a rectangular image. So the best we can easily do is go to the nearest point on the image’s edge.
Instead of using a JGoImage, you might use a JGoArea consisting of various JGoObjects. Then JGo would have a chance to go to the nearest point of all of those child objects. But depending on what you want to display, that might be infeasible.