Link Problem

When I create a link it doesn’t show from which node it links. It only has an arrowhead on the child.

How do I get it to go from the parent to the child no matter where they are located?

I don’t understand the situation you are seeing. Are you sure you set the IGoLink.FromPort as well as the IGoLink.ToPort correctly? Do you actually see the whole link?
I assume both nodes appear correctly and at the desired locations.

Both nodes do appear correctly, but I would like to have a line going
from the parent to each of the chlidren and I can’t get that right.

That should be easy–take a look at the sample applications. Find the one most similar to what you are doing, and look at any code for programmatically creating links. Or are you just talking about interactive linking? How did you construct the nodes?

Thanks. That helped.