Link Resize but keeping end points still

I had Golabledlinks configured with
NewLinkObject.Relinkable = true;
NewLinkObject.Resizable = true;
NewLinkObject.Reshapable = true;
and goView1.AllowLink = false;
and users can add handles to the links and move the new handles about. They could not move the end points of the links.
However I now allow user to add links on the chart so goview1.Allowlink = true.
However, I don’t want users to relink existing links. When I set NewLinkObject.Relinkable = false; users cannot relink but the end points can now be moved off the ports they are connected to.
So, what I need is links that are not relinkable, the end points are not movable but any points on the link are movable.

I have also looked at overriding the DoResize on GoLink but I can’t work out what to do with the parameters in DoResize … ie. newpoint and whichhandle etc. so as to be able to check if it is an endpoint on the link which is being moved.

That appears to be a bug. E-mail me for a work-around.

I don’t have your email address, so I have sent my email address via Northwood compay contact form.
Also I could not send you a private message. The forum says you have too many.