Link resize

I have a view where we drop GoIconicNodes. We link these nodes with GoLabeledLinks .
Our client said the links are actually too long, he wants a little gap/space between the edges of the link and the node. Looks like he gets confused when the link gets near the label of the node. how do I get this little space?

I don’t understand what your client wants. The stroke of the link will not cross over the node’s label. So the only way that the GoLabeledLink.MidLabel will overlap with the GoIconicNode.Label is if the link is too short. The link would need to be longer and not take a straight route between nodes for the link label to be positioned farther away from the nodes. Or you just need to move the nodes apart so there’s more room for the link label between the nodes.
What do you mean “space between the edges of the link and the node”?

I quickly made a screenshot but i cannot attached it.
How do i send you a small image?

Anyway, it is not what you described.
Here is an example: If I have a node with a bottom label, and I create a link to this node from the bottom of the view, the link gets right to the label’s edge. the client wants a space between the link’s arrow and the label, he doesn’t like the link touching the text

Oh, OK. Perhaps you can just increase the Height of the Label.
If you modify the Text string, though, be aware that by default the GoText Label will resize itself, which means that the Height will go back to its normal value, depending on the font et al.
An alternative solution would be to add a GoRectangle to the node, behind the Label, which had no painted rendering by having no Pen or Brush. You would assign its Bounds to be a RectangleF whose value was an inflated value of the Label.Bounds.

it doesn’t work increasing the label’s size. I don’t know why. I update the value, and if I debug and check the value of the labels of the nodes on the view, I get the increased value
I tried also adding some space chars to the label, but it seem these spaces are cut away . it works using \n for the bottom space, but \t or spaces are ignored.
Any ideas?

Increasing the Height works for me, at least for making sure the end-point of an arrow is farther down (greater Y coordinate) so as to be farther away from the text. But you won’t see any difference until the link’s stroke is re-calculated, for example by moving either node.
Adding spaces to both sides of the label text is a good idea. That worked for me too.

can you copy paste here a small example. I can’t figure what i’m doing wrong

I used the unmodified Demo1 sample with the “doc” and “star” GoIconicNodes. I copied the two nodes and one interconnecting link to the right side for comparison.
I then modified the right pair’s top node’s Label.Width to be 30 and the Label.Height to be 20.
When you drag around the right pair’s “star” node, you will notice how the end point of the link stays farther away from the text glyphs. In reality, of course, the end point is touching the GoText label as always, but the additional space in the GoText caused by increasing the Width and Height make it appear roomier.
Caution: if you change the text string, you’ll need to increase the Width and Height again, since when GoText.AutoResizes is true, as it is by default, setting GoText.Text will automatically size itself to fit the text string.

somehow it does not work. I set these values just before the node is added to the layer. Anyway I found that if I add multiple spaces (6-7) to the label it works. Adding just 2 or 3 it doesn’t make any difference but if it works with more. I lost too much time with this problem anyway so I think I will leave it as it is (adding extra spaces)
thank you