Link route when drag node not same when drop

When I drag node route of link are look good but when I release left click route are recalculate again like picture below.
Why route when drag and drop are not same.
How I keep route after drop node stay like when I drag?

My LinkTemplate setting are

routing: go.Link.Orthogonal,
routing: go.Link.AvoidsNodes,
curve: go.Link.JumpOver,
reshapable: true,
resegmentable: true,
adjusting: go.Link.Stretch

Your Link settings are invalid JavaScript, because you are setting the same property twice in a single Object.

How many ports are on the left node and how many are on the right node?

both has 3 port
sorry for too width early image

I already change LinkTemplate to setting only routing: go.Link.AvoidsNodes but it still problem
my nodeTemplate set

fromSpot: go.Spot.AllSides,
toSpot: go.Spot.AllSides

Do you really need to have three ports? If you want spots that are AllSides, you should have only one port in each node, occupying the whole rectangular area.

I think you will automatically get the routing behavior that you are asking for when there is only one port in each node.

Yes I really need three ports
And question from my user is

Why when dragging node diagram show calculate route not same with when drop it?

And can I do anything with that cause when you dragging node diagram show route like left-hand image but when you drop node route is transform to right hand image that mean when moving node I can see real route when already drop node and route that show when moving are useless.

I just need same route result when dragging node and when drop node can I do anything with it or this is some limitation of GoJs.

Are there three ports on the left side of the right-hand node that the user is dragging?

I cannot explain the behavior that you are seeing without understanding more about how you have implemented what you currently have.

I not set fix-port cause I need to allow user to adjust route and link-node contact position if them want.
Application that I implement user can add node and link to create custom diagram then application will not know how many port should have and what side that port should set.

You can allow users to shift the end point manualy while still having only one port on each node. Consider Link Shifting Tool.