Link routing AvoidsNodes does not seem to work

We have set go.Link.AvoidsNodes as the routing property in the link template. But the links do not avoid nodes and pass through them.

I have also tried setting avoidable to false for the large groups but that did not help. Can you please help me understand why the links pass through nodes?

Yes, setting Node.avoidable to false on your Groups is probably desired. Check that you have done so on all of your Group templates.

Your screenshot image is very low resolution, so it’s hard to guess what might be happening, and thus it’s hard for me to provide any specific suggestions (besides setting Group.avoidable to false).

Yes, I have added Node.avoidable to false on all the group templates.

Here is a larger image. Hope it helps!

Thanks, but I still cannot figure out what the problem might be.
Some of the link routes seem to take the trouble to properly avoid nodes.

I hope you haven’t accidentally set Node.avoidable to false on some of the regular (non-Group) Nodes.

Maybe there isn’t enough room between the regular nodes so that there is enough space to route the links.
Have you set or data bound fromEndSegmentLength or toEndSegmentLength?

I checked for Node.avoidable property in all the templates that we have and it is used only for groups and not nodes.

Also, we haven’t set or bound fromEndSegmentLength or toEndSegmentLength.

If you (as a user) manually shift slightly one of the crossed nodes, do the links that had been crossing the node then get re-routed to go around the moved node?

Another question: does the value of Link.routing ever change dynamically for any instance of Link? I suppose the same question goes for Node.avoidable for any Node or Group.