Link routing without AvoidsNodes

Link routing for orthogonal links with AvoidsNodes = false appears to ‘stagger’ vertical jogs , so the vertical segments do not end up on top of each other.

In my application, links with the same FromPort should not be staggered. These links represent the same information and should share the same path for as long as possible to make the diagram more readable.

Is there a way for me to specify the stagger behavior of the vertical jogs ?

The stagger gets computed in GoPort.GetFromEndSegmentLength, so if you override that and just return this.EndSegmentLength, you’ll get a constant offset from the FromPort.

Thanks, it works if I also override GetToEndSegmentLength.

I having AvoidsNodes false creates some other problems, though.

Is there a way to have AvoidsNodes true and not have vertical jogs gravitate to the left ?