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Is there a way to make a link that starts from a port?
I created a node, created the ports, moved the ports and when I tried to connect two nodes by a link between two ports, the link starts from and ends to the centre of each linked node instead of the selected ports.<o:p></o:p>

It’s odd that you got that effect–the normal behavior is to have the connection point of a link (the link point) be at the edge of the port to which it connects.
You can specify the common cases of this by setting the GoPort.FromSpot and .ToSpot properties. That handles the link points which correspond to the standard nine spots, such as GoObject.MiddleRight.
Furthermore, if you specify the spot to be GoObject.NoSpot, it will automatically calculate the link point to be the nearest intersection point between the port’s rectangular shape and the link’s nearby points.
It’s only when you set GoPort.PortObject that it might appear to be somewhere else. Did you do this? It sounds like you may have set the PortObject of each port to be the node itself, or perhaps to a child shape of the node.
Or did you override GoPort.GetFromLinkPoint, GetToLinkPoint, and/or GetLinkPointFromPoint? Then you have complete control over what point is used.

Thanks walter, the problem was that I am new in GoDiagram and I made some mistakes.