Link template for "One [from] to Many [to]"


In our topology we handle many link types (with label), so in order to reduce clutter from the user, we need to allow to “aggregate” similar connections, which means:

  • if multiple nodes [from] connect to a single node [to]
  • we should display only one link to connect them all with one label.

How can i implement this kind of functionality?

here is en example to why i need this functionality:

The wanted result would be a single “aggregated” connection with one label.


Could you please sketch what it is that you want, including labels?

Fundamentally each link connects two nodes with the option of additional nodes acting as labels on the link. The latter is what is used to implement Links to Links. But you want something different.

This is a scatch of something similar

You can see that the link as one label on the aggregated connection, and in this manner we have multiple ‘from’ to a single ‘to’.


I’m still unclear what it is that you want to achieve.

If you only want a single label to be shown, you could hide all of them except for one.

If you want all of them to appear to be selected when the user selects any one of them, you can do that.

If you want all of those links to be deleted when the user deletes any one of them, you can do that.

Are there any other requirements?

When toggling this option, the desire behavior should be:

  1. One label for one link.
  2. This link should be able to connect a single node to multiple nodes.

based on the data of the link, i can know who should be the members in these unique link.

What I said earlier is that GoJS does not have support for single links that connect multiple nodes to single nodes, or vice-versa. My previous reply was suggesting ways that you could get that effect using multiple links.