Link that only stretch

Hi, I have a question is there any example code of link computation that only stretch link route if there is a change of position of connecting nodes? I need to prevent link reshape by standard compute algorithm and to allow link shape change only by user action like in LinkShiftingTool example. So in general link points that are set by user are law. Nothing GoJS automatic link computation is not desired.

I’m not sure exactly what you want, but try setting Link.adjusting to go.Link.End.

No Link.adjusting does not help. I prepared a video for you. Here is a link for video that shows undesired link behavior. One case is when I move a task. Links are changed according to Link.computePoints. Second case is when I invalidate route on link when click on it (this is done for testing undesired behavior). In both cases I must manually to reroute a links using LinkShiftingTool. After that links behaves better but best thing for me would be if I prevent default behavior for Link.computePoints. What I want is that if task is moved below or above its position, links keep their route (one they have after diagram loading) and only appropriate segments of link will change length by x and y axis. To do this I must implement my own Link.computePoints algorithm but I was wondering if similar code already exist somewhere. Something I’m showing you in these two images.

If you specify specific Spots for each Link.fromSpot and Link.toSpot, I think you’ll get that behavior automatically.