Link with multiple shapes and toShortLength


As a follow up of Multiple link line shapes - #3 by reinzor

I am looking for a way to have different toShortLength properties for the different line shapes using {isPanelMain: true}. When I apply toShortLength, it gets applied to both shapes. Would it be possible in a way to have the large strokeWidth line have a different toShortLength with than the small strokeWidth line?


Sorry, but that is not how it is designed. The *ShortLength properties affect the one Geometry that is shared by all link paths – all Shapes that are the ‘main’ element of the Link panel.

Maybe you could have an arrowhead-like Shape there for the longer path.

That would work for direct paths but not for bezier paths. Thanks for the suggestion though :).

Use two Links? The second link need not even exist in the model – it could be an unmodeled Link that you add automatically when a Link is added. You would need to remove it when a Link is removed.