I m displaying image in link.which are displayed in centerd according to link.but i want to move image up,down,left,right according to link.
using this code display image in middle of link
this.MidLabel = value;
It is urgent
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For things that are urgent... searching this forum or using the documentation is generally a better first step.

How the PositionMidLabel() works?

It is positioning link itself not MidLabel. what we want is to position the mid label respective to link. Sample please???
The default PositionMidLabel does some math, looks at the setting of MidLabelCentered and then calls SetSpotLocation on the label.  It doesn't do anything to position the link.
protected virtual void PositionMidLabel(
GoObject lab,
PointF a,
PointF b
lab (GoObject) The label object.
a (PointF) The start point of the middle segment of the link.
b (PointF) The end point of the middle segment of the link.
It gives to the two end points (a, b) of the middle segment, and the MidLabel object.
It's a simple matter of doing the math to meet your needs and setting the Position of the "lab".