I have Used This Method

protected override void PositionMidLabel(GoObject lab, PointF a, PointF b)

but Position of image on link donot reflect.

i want move image correspoding to link.

its urgent



What does your PositionMidLabel code look like?

I want to change the location of mid label as per user desire.
public Point ImageLocation
{ get { if(this.MidLabel!=null) return new Point((int)this.MidLabel.Location.X, (int)this.MidLabel.Location.Y); else return new Point(0,0); } set { if (this.MidLabel != null) { //this.MidLabel.DoMove(this.View, this.MidLabel.Location, value); this.PositionMidLabel(this.MidLabel, this.FromLabel.Location, this.ToLabel.Location); this.MidLabel.Location = value; } } }

Look at the Processor sampleā€¦ it allows the user to drag the MidLabel.

Dear Support Team,

Though PROCESSOR sample gives us the facility to move MidLable but we are not satisfied with it in all the way. We dont want user to drag it anywhere on layout we want to keep it closer to link.
Moves Allowed:
Moves not Allowed:
Suggesion please....Sample highly Appreciable

Look at how LimitedNode limits movement in Demo1.

It uses an override of ComputeMove. (except you'll be limiting the movement of the image, not the node itself.)
You just need to adapt that to use a bounding box or compute distance from the connection point.