Linking out of the canvas

Is there any recommended way I could use an element with a href (to call a link or even better javascript) within any of the existing objects (in samples etc.).

Failing this (as I’ve seen a few posts asking about Rich Text functionality) what would be a recemmonded (I guess I mean tested) approach.

I was thinking perhaps some sort of table added to a template to explicitly hold links (like a ‘related items’ … or footnote type … [1] link here) - and then somehow having a JS function to add the link over the top of GoJS <- seems very hacky though)

thanks for any advice.

Why not just handle the click event to open a window? That’s what these two samples do: and (but the latter uses doubleClick).

The URL could be either computed or stored in your model’s node data. Or both.

Unfortunately the business case is to have a list (like a related items) in the process box of a flowchart - as the user is already clicking around objects to interact with the flowchart it wouldn’t be a great UX to allow clicking an object and being redirected.

But isn’t that exactly what the element would normally do on an HTML page?

The click event is defined on GraphObject, so it applies to every kind of graphical object in a GoJS diagram, individually.