LinkLabelDraggingTool - Adding a line between a link and its floating label

Hello Walter,

I have the same requirement for link. I already use ‘LinkLabelDraggingTool’.
Do I need to wrap my link inside a Panel or something like that?

Could you help me for this please?

Best Regards,

No, the Link cannot be a “DecoratedLine” Panel – it has to be a “Link” Panel.

But what result do you want? Could you please sketch where the line should go? I assume one end of the line should be at the middle of the label, but where should the other end be?

Something like that, line from the middle of the label to the middle of the link. Is it possible?


One solution is just to implement the labels as separate nodes, and the lines as separate links that connect to label nodes that are at the middle of links.

I can work on a solution that is more like the “DecoratedLine” Panel but for links. I’m thinking it might be best if it were a customization of the “Link” Panel, but I don’t know how customizable that is. I cannot promise anything yet.

Yes, something like the “DecoratedLine” is better because the label is tied to our link model data.

I have created a new sample at

Thank Walter, fantastic!