LinkPointsSpread Working Bad On 3.0.3

In my application I have two nodes (GoBoxNode) which have many links (GoLabeledLink) between them.

In order for the user to be able to see how many links there are I set LinkPointsSpread to true on each node.

It all worked great until I upgrade to version (it worked great on version

Can anyone confirm this?

It make the diagram look like there is only one link when there are really almost dozen.

Thank you,


If I run MovableLinkApp from 2.5.2 and 3.0.3, I don’t see any differences. And I don’t recall any changes in GoBoxNode in 3.0.3.

I’ll try to make repro application.

Thank you

Ok, I figure this out.

I’ve change the auto layout algorithm to Forced Direct, and in that class there is a property name SetsPortSpots which default to true.

If this property stays true it make all links to be in the same point on the node.

When I set this property to false before perform the layout everything works great.

Thank you and sorry for the false alarm.