Links between groups cross over nodes

I have a business process graph with various groups. There are links between nodes in different groups, and these links cross over nodes.

I wonder if there is a way to make the routing between groups avoid nodes.


I looked at this example:

and it doesn’t have the same problem.

That example’s Links have Link.routing set to go.Link.AvoidsNodes and its Groups have Node.avoidable set to false.

If you want your link paths to be slightly curved, you can have Link.curve set to go.Link.Bezier and Link.smoothness set to a smaller value than the default value of 0.5.

Thanks, that worked. I’m using straight links, but have a problem when you have multiple links going from one node to another and others going in the opposite direction, as they’re rendered over each other. Is there any way to separate them the way they are with bezier curves?

Try setting fromSpot to go.Spot.BottomSide and LayeredDigraphLayout.setsPortSpots to false.