Links between groups

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During using model GraphLinksModel <GraphLinksModelNodeData , String, String, GraphLinksModelLinkData >, a problem appears: the connection is not attached to nodes, if nodes are within a collapsed group.

How to create a group chart, which supports expand / collapse, the text link, group connection and expand / collapse group node at startup.

Which platform and GoXam DLL version are you using?

I know we fixed a bug relating to the visibility of links and collapsing groups; it’s included in the most recent DLLs: bug fix DLLs.

Or just use the 1.2 beta, which has a lot more samples and features: 1.2 beta.

downloaded the latest library, it works. thanks!

In Northwoods.GoSilverlight.dll ( this bug is not fixed. but in another version ( links are displayed correctly.

Or need more references dll?

That’s surprising. The bug was originally fixed in the 1.2 stream and then back-ported to 1.1.

Could you please provide more details?

Version( has no this bug, but last version( has this bug again! you need the full source code or the code creating nodes?

Well, it would be nice to get a minimal application that demonstrates the problem.

Also, could you confirm that your XAP file really does use, and not an older version?

If expands group Node2, node5 expands. The link between Node3 and Node6 doesn’t appear. This application contains these two libraries. I need a custom chart during the boot.

Thanks for the demo. The problem actually has to do with initialization of links when the subgraphs are collapsed.

Once the user tries to expand at either end, everything is fine.

We’ll investigate this. Thanks for reporting the problem in the 1.2 beta. I suppose in the meantime you can use the 1.1.8 DLL.

Thanks for the reply. I will use 1.1.8 DLL.