Links drawn incorrectly after tabbing away

Using Silverlight v2.0.2.5 I have a tree diagram that looks like this:

This is inside of a larger application that has tabs. If I click on another tab (FRACAS Incidents) and then click back on the diagram the links are no longer aligned with the nodes like this:

At this point if I refresh so that LayoutDiagram() is called again then everything is fine again.

I’m not sure how to debug this. Is there something that would be good for me to look at in order to figure out what’s going on? Perhaps some method to override or a place to put a breakpoint?

Thanks in advance.

Well, that’s certainly not the normal behavior when a Diagram is inside a TabControl TabItem.

Are you using a Silverlight System.Windows.Controls TabControl and TabItem? Or are you using something else and you have set Diagram.UnloadingClearsPartManager to false?

Actually, it’s inside of a control that’s based on Telerik’s tab control, which is probably why it didn’t work.

Setting Diagram.UnloadingClearsPartManager to false did the trick. Thanks!