Links inside group


I have groups which contains shapes inside them, the shapes connected by links.
The links are very short, how can I make them longer?
It happened to me only inside groups.
What can I do about it?


The length of a link depends mostly on the distance between the connected nodes. So the question is how the nodes are being positioned. Does your Group have a Group.layout? If so, what is it?

Here is my group code:

  $(go.Group, "Horizontal",
    { layout: $(go.LayeredDigraphLayout, { direction: 0, columnSpacing: 10 }) },
    $(go.Panel, "Auto",
      $(go.Shape, "RoundedRectangle", { parameter1: 14 }, new go.Binding("fill", "siteId", getGroupColor)),
      $(go.Placeholder, { padding: 25 }),
      $(go.TextBlock, { alignment: go.Spot.Top, font: "Bold 16pt Sans-Serif" }, new go.Binding("text", "site")))

Maybe set LayeredDigraphLayout.layerSpacing? I really can’t tell when you don’t show us what the problem is. I have to guess.

You can play with the properties of LayeredDigraphLayout in this sample: