Links layouting issues

Hello Walter,

I want to show you, two problems with link drawing in the layout.
I use with LayeredDiagraphLayout in my diagram.
The first scenario (youtube video):
There are two nodes that connected between them, by two links & ports.
When I click on one of these ports, all links that connected between these two nodes will be expanded & shown. You can see that two links was shown, but one of the links seems not good.
The second scenario (video):
I begin to open nodes.
After that I open 4 generations of nodes, the next nodes opened, but their links that connect them to the previous nodes, seems disconnected. After I move the nodes, the problem was resolved.
Thank you.

What version of GoXam on which platform are you using?


What happens when the user clicks on one of those “expanders”? Do you have the link route stored somewhere? Or are the new nodes and links just made visible?

What you meen when you ask: “Do you have the link route stored somewhere”?

I don't think that I do somthing with the route.

I can’t help you unless I understand what’s going on. That’s why I’m asking about what you do when the user clicks on the “expander”.

I’m wondering if it the connected link(s) and node(s) already exist and you just make them visible. Or if it creates them and positions them. Or if it creates them from your data base and assigns the new node’s position from the data base and assigns the link’s route from the data base. Or anything else that you can describe about the action.

What properties do the links have?

When I click on the expander at first time, the node and link was created from database.

The positions was generated by the LayeredDiagraphLayout, and after that I save the auto position to data base.

So you do not save or load any Link routes (i.e. a list of Points)?

What properties do the links have?