Links not show until slight move of node

I have a Diagram control bound to GraphLinkModel.
After I change the model by adding or removing links sometime (I can’t figure out exactly when) the link that is added is not visible on the diagram.
After I move one of the nodes connected to the link the link appear.
When I add link between nodes that already have link between them I can see the exists link band a bit which means (I think) the link routes are calculated and updated.

I do all my model manipulation inside transaction, and I also call the PerformLayout on the Diagram control after the transaction finishes.

What can I be doing wrong?

Thank you,

If you are making all of the model/model-data changes within a transaction, I don’t know what could be wrong. I hadn’t heard of that problem before. Can you characterize the circumstances more precisely?

There’s no PerformLayout method on Diagram; there is on DiagramLayout, but it’s protected. If you want to force a layout to occur programmatically, one usually just calls Diagram.LayoutDiagram(). However, under normal circumstances adding a link to the diagram should automatically cause a layout to be performed, so programmatic invocations of Diagram.LayoutDiagram() should be unnecessary.

I wrote the method wrong. I am calling LayoutDiagram on the Diagram class, sorry.
I’ll try to give you more precise description - I understand that without repro steps it hard to answer the question.

Thank you.