Links Overlap Nodes


I am creating a diagram and have Gomultitextnodes and have links between the nodes. first i am creating the nodes, then i am creating the links between them, but i dont want the links to be displayed above the nodes. Basically i need something like setting zorder. i want to bring the multinextnode objects to front and the links should be at the back, when they get overlapped. What is that i need to do for this. even when i apply the layout settings, sometimes the links get displayed on top of the nodes.


From the FAQ:

How do I make a lot of objects visible or invisible at once, or make them appear in front of or behind other objects?

Have your GoDocument use GoLayers to organize your objects into layers. You will typically create them by calling:


to create a layer that appears in front of the default document layer. Use the CreateNewLayerBefore method to insert new layer behind existing ones. Each layer can be made invisible by setting the GoLayer.AllowView property to false. You can re-order the layers by calling GoLayerCollection.MoveAfter or MoveBefore.