Links to links

I was wondering, would it be possible to achieve a link connected to another link, but without predefining a linklabel node on the destination link. Something like this sample: Links to Links, but without defining LinkLabels upfront.
For instance, I would like to be able to drag a link over the other, and create a linklabel node to connect them only when the dragged link passes over the link I want to connect it to. I assume I would have to use a combination of mouseDragEnter and mouseDragLeave.
I still haven’t started implementing this, but I was thinking about it, and I wanted to ask before-hand if something lik this could be achieved. I hope you don’t mind.

Links only connect Nodes, so if you want to connect with a Link, it has to have a Node as a label.

What do you mean by “to drag a link over the other [link]”?

Do you mean by using the DraggingTool, in the mode which supports dragging links? Draggable Link

Or do you mean with the LinkingTool or RelinkingTool?

I mean by connecting the links in a manner similar to the sample I originally linked.
Yes, I guess it would be by using the DraggingTool.

The Links-to-Links sample just uses the regular LinkingTool for drawing new links.