Links to nodes inside collapsed subgraphs


I’m working on Windows Vista 32bit, and the version of Northwoods DLLs is

I have a graph on which I have GoNodes and GoSubGraphs.

Between the nodes there are GoLabledLinks.

My scenario is that I have a sequence of nodes and subgraphs, and inside the subgraph I also have nodes.

I have a GoLabledLink between a node outside both subgraphs and a node inside both subgraphs, and when I collapse the outer subgraph, the link is not connected to the perimeter of the collapsed subgraph but it is inside it.

What can be the reason for this behavior, and what can be the solution?

Any help will be appreciated!

this was added in 4.0: GoPort has a new LinksRedirectedToSubGraphPort property that determines

whether links connected to ports that are inside collapsed GoSubGraphs appear to be connected to

the subgraph’s GoSubGraph.Port.

I think that’s the behavior you want.

Yes, I want the links connected to nodes inside a collapsed subgraph to point to the subgraph’s perimeter.

Is there any way to do it in version

The change was to an internal method, so I don’t see an easy way to implement it in 3.0.

Ok, thank you!

If I would use version 4.0, how would this feature work?

Should I create a new port in every subgraph, or the link will be redirected to the most close port?

The subgraph has to have a port, which it doesn’t by default. The API reference help file has the details.

Ok, thank you!