Links without ports that go right up to edge of shapes

When I look at the BPMN Editor, I can see in some scenarios the links don’t go right up to the edge of the shape


Our product is also mainly used for BPMN editing and we have the same issue. We have ports on the edge of the diamond but if no port is selected, the whole diamond is used as the port and we get the gap. We’ve set portId:"" on the shape which the documentation suggests should fix it. Am I missing something else?

That’s probably because the fromSpot or toSpot are “…Side” Spots. Such links are supposed to connect at the horizontal or vertical sides of the rectangular area of the port.

If there were a dozen or more links connecting with one side of a diamond shaped node, would you want those links to have their connection points be evenly spread out so that a link would connect at nearly the top point and at nearly the bottom point?

Thanks Walter, you’re right, we have fromSpot/toSpot set to AllSides. It seems that setting them to Default makes links always join in the centre of the side, which for diamonds may actually be the best option. So if I make a binding for that it could give us what we want.

It’s unlikely there’ll be a dozen or more links (and if there were I wouldn’t expect it to look great), but 3 or 4 is certainly possible. We have 12 selectable ports so if the default linking did the same, that would be another good option