I’m extremely new to the GoDiagram. I’m still trying it out in the demo version to make sure it does what we want (and so far it does). The main problem I have right now is that my diagram is showing the link lines like what the family tree demo shows. All lines are at a diagnol rather at right angles like the OrgCharter demo. I want the right angles, but I can’t figure out what setting or property to use. Can someone please help me?

Set GoLink.Orthogonal for each link that you create.

That was the trick. Thanks
Another question:
In my diagram, I am using multitext nodes. WHen I connect the nodes together (I am doing this programatically), the link lines have a gap between the end of the line and the text of the string item. I’m using the default top and bottom ports of the node. I know the node itself is bigger, but the border does not show. It looks weird. I would like the lines to meet up with whatever is showing. How would I do this?


You could change the Size of each GoPort to be narrower.
You can do this by iterating over the ports, but it’s cleaner to put that code in an override of GoMultiTextNode.CreatePort. Look at the documentation for that method to see what it normally does.