LinkTemplate go.TextBlock change location. How to save?

Hello! In LinkTemplate I use go.TextBlock.
go.TextBlock can be dragged and change location.
I work with React, I would like to save the location.
A problem is I can’t find how to listen to that change. It doesn’t appear on events from this list

Can you give me advice on how to save it?

That depends on which tool the user is using to drag the label. If, as is likely, you are using the LinkLabelDraggingTool,, then you just need to have that label (a TextBlock in your case) use a TwoWay Binding on its GraphObject.segmentOffset.

Take a look at the sample: and its implementation

Hi! Thanks for your replay. I use segmentOffset for my TextBlock with .makeTwoWay() now. It helps to save a position of TextBlock while the user works with the diagram. I found where it is in the diagram object.
I understand that I can set it on Link Template.
But I still have some problems.
I work to React and I have to send those changes (segmentOffset) to redux, without pressing any button (not like in an example you send me).
So I have to use some event listeners for segmentOffset change. I can’t find what to listen to.
Can you please explain how I can get segmentOffset after TextBlock was moved.

Do you have a Model Changed listener looking for a finished transaction? For example, this is set up automatically for you in

Yes, I do use it. Yes I got modifiedLinkData. Thank you for your help!