Listener for dragging event for node

Is there listener for dragging event, not “SelectionMoved” of diagram?
Just like this one: <p draggable="true" ondrag="myFunction(event)">Drag me!</p>

When did you want to be called? The general and most flexible answer is to customize the DraggingTool.

I’d like this:

funnelDiagram.toolManager.draggingTool.onDrag= function() {

How to customize DragginTool for this purpose? Can you please send me code snippet?

Override DraggingTool.doActivate in the same manner.

It only works for dragging start moment. I want it for whole dragging period.

You want to hide that “settingMenu” on each mouse move? I don’t understand.

Depending on what you want to accomplish during the drag, you could override either DraggingTool.doDragOver or DraggingTool.moveParts.

I wanted to run real-time position sync of a element when user drags mouse.
DraggingTool.doDragOver worked.