Loading diagram with ASP.NET MVC

I have come to the point in which I need a server side for my diagrams.
I am trying to load the GoJS diagram in my cshtml file, but the diagram div is a flat line, I assume this has something to do with page loading. I have tried using windw.onload, but it yields the same result.

I know that this may not be a question for this forum, but do you have experience with this?

It sounds as if you haven’t specified a height to your diagram’s HTML DIV element.

Note that % values for height won’t work unless you do some extra work: html 100 height not working - Google Search

Used to work with Play and without server… I’m guessing asp.net is resizing something.
I tried to specify height 400px but got the same result.
I’ve now tried to specify in my controleller (digram is wrapped in angukar directive)

controller: ['$scope', '$window', function ($scope, $window) {

            angular.element(document).ready(function () {
                setTimeout(() => {

                }, 1000)

But no luck… going to inspect the generated html next