Loading diagram with grid layout doesnot allow moving nodes around

I am using layout: this.$(go.GridLayout) which is allowing me to move nodes around but doesnot save the position of node moved to, on loading the diagram again it is forcing nodes back to grid layout and this is also happening when diagram is zoom in or out.

Is there a way where I can apply grid layout on initial load and be able to move nodes around and save its position so on next load it is not forced back into grid layout?

This applies to any layout: set Layout.isInitial to false if you don’t want the layout to happen after you assign a new model to a diagram, i.e. when setting Diagram.model. In this case, when all of your nodes already have locations saved in the model data.

Set Layout.isOngoing to false if you don’t want a layout to be invalidated and then performed again after adding or removing a node or link or changing the size of a node.

For more explanation, please read GoJS Layouts -- Northwoods Software

Thanks Walter!