Loss of machine licensing for GoWin

I know we have lapsed on updates and are out of formal support currently, but we seem to have suddenly lost machine licensing needed to deploy our last subscription version of GoWin 5.1. Watermark appeared on development and deployment machines without any changes to licensed machines/code/binaries (or at least we can’t track them down). In an attempt to refresh licensing, I have performed the following:

Downloaded GoWin
Ran license tool as admin
Queried for and received machine key, applied in the license tool
Generated deployment key and added to code
Referenced the Northwoods.Go 5.1.04 assembly

Watermark is still there, I am concerned that it will also be present if deployed.

What should we check on our licensed machines? Our corporate Windows client environment is becoming more strict with various resident software that limits access to registry, executing as administrators, connections etc. - could something have blocked Go’s licensing mechanism? What should we start checking?

It looks like you’ve always used the 5.0 and later licensing, and it sounds like you’ve taken the right steps.

Two things are possible… you have the application name wrong, or you don’t have the LicenseKey assignment execution before the first GoDiagram call. Those seem the most likely.

Does the watermark or the output console give any clues?

You were right, there was a one character change to the assembly name referencing the control. Reverting to the previous name corrected the issue. Thank you!