Lost right click

I am finding that when I zoom in or out I am losing my right click event for my GoBasicNode objects. I added in my GoPartInfo override a GoPartInfo.ContextClick = myJSfunction

This works fine until a zoom in or out, the event does not fire after that. Is there something I am missing with the Scaling?
Any thoughts?


Try the Orgcharter and Processor samples at

Both support zooming and context menus.
What browser are you using? Can you select nodes when zoomed? How about tooltips?

The problem looks to be using the AJAX Update Panel. When I removed the update panel everything worked fine. So when zooming in or out or changing scale the update panel prevents the goview from updating the necessary client side code.

With the goview in the update panel and I zoom in, I can get my right click event to fire if I move off the node slightly and there it is. So the goview client side still thinks the node is in a different place, even though the goview display shows the node in its new location.
Interesting . . . . have to love AJAX update panels. I have run into this same problem with other pages I have built and used update panels. Have to do some extra client side calls to update the html on the client.

It’s not just the UpdatePanel, I have code that works with context menus inside an UpdatePanel.

You didn't happen to have a scrolling DIV as a parent of the GoView, did you?