Maintain initial position

I’m new to GoXAM control and , <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2487” Qc=“null”>I’m trying to <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2488” Qc=“null”>programmatically <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2489” Qc=“null”>create a diagram, <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2491” Qc=“null”>for this <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2492” Qc=“null”>I have <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2493” Qc=“null”>an <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2494” Qc=“null”>xml <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2495” Qc=“null”>with the identification of <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2496” Qc=“null”>elements to <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2497” Qc=“null”>create and <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2498” Qc=“null”>their position.
<SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2500” Qc=“null”>When I add <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2501” Qc=“null”>the elements, these <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2503” Qc=“null”>are not placed <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2504” Qc=“null”>in the position <SPAN =hps closure_uid_oedjkd=“2505” Qc=“null”>where it is supposed.

What conditions should I use so the elements are placed in the exact position. I dont want no rearrange for the elements.

How are you specifying the positions?
If you look at the Node.Location in the debugger, is the value correct? If so, perhaps the problem is not that the nodes don’t have the desired positions, but that the diagram has scrolled them. You may want to set Diagram.HorizontalContentAlignment=“Stretch” and VerticalContentAlignment=“Stretch”.