Maintain textblock size for edit text box too


Right now the text-box is changing the size according to the text. hence the text-block beneath is visible.
is there an option either to hide the text block or the size to be kept same as the text block below?

Thanks in advance

I don’t think this is easy to do, but it should be feasible if you implement your own ITextEditor and install an instance of it as the Part.TextEditor attached property on the TextBlock to be edited, or as the primary visual element of the Part.TextEditAdornmentTemplate attached property on the TextBlock.

You can see the default text edit adornment template in the generic.xaml file. Alas, we do not have any good examples of a non-trivial customization of the text editor.

Width="{Binding Path=Node.AdornedElement.ActualWidth}"
Height="{Binding Path=Node.AdornedElement.ActualHeight}"
to the textbox in TextEditAdornmentTemplate DataTemplate
thanks for the help :)