Make Ctrl-Drag move node


I have an application using GoXam where I don’t want to allow the user to copy a node using Ctrl-Drag.
I’ve managed to achieve this.

However, if the user does Ctrl-Drag a node I would like the application to just move the node (as if they were dragging it without Ctrl held down).

Is there a way to achieve this?


The simplest thing is to set either Diagram.AllowInsert or Diagram.AllowCopy to false.

The more specific thing, to change the behavior of only the DraggingTool, is to override DraggingTool.MayCopy (and if WPF Windows-drag-and-drop is enabled, DraggingTool.MayCopyInternal and/or MayCopyExternal) to return false if the control key is held down.