makeImage() image quality

Hello, I am currently using the generateImages function on my Diagram. My concern is that the PDF of the page, when printed, has lossy compression which results in the text not being super crisp, which, in this application, may effect the BarCodes I am printing being able to scan.

Here is the excerpt in which I call generateImages. Please note that I don’t specifiy the file type. Is there a file-type that is recommended for highest quality? What is the default file type that GoJS uses in generateImages without the type argument being defined?

    `img = confSheetDiagramRef.makeImage({`
        `scale: 1,`
        `position: new go.Point(p.x + j, p.y + i),`
        `size: new go.Size(imgWidth, imgHeight)`

So I didn’t realize that the details parameter, when not passed, does not default to 1. I explicitly stated that I wanted the highest quality and got the results. Thanks!

The default type is image/PNG, which ought to be lossless

So there is no advantage in terms of resolution of trying the SVG alternative to makeImage ? Assuming I am currently using the PNG at highest details?