makeSvg creating overlapping blank rectangle

Hi Team,

We had this functionality in our codebase to download the svg using makeSvg().
It used to work fine, but lately we see there is an overlapping rectangle in our class diagram hiding the properties.

Deleting this rectangle works as expected.
Is this could be due to gojs lib upgrade. We upgraded the version to 2.3.3

Yes, that’s possible. Try the latest, 2.3.9.

Also, the legend is not included in the svg anymore. Is this a bug or a feature?

What legend? It’s most likely a bug, but recent versions of GoJS have fixed some SVG bugs, so be sure to get the latest.

Hi Team,

I tried the latest version- 2.3.9, the svg looks a little better, but still some partitioning horizontal lines are missing.
Below is how the class diagram showing up.( see the legend on left)

Below is the downloaded svg -

Horizontal lines and legend is missing in the svg. In version 2.2 everything used to work fine.
Any workaround or fix?

I see. Could you share the node template (and the Part that is added as a legend)?

You can do this by email if you don’t want to share the code on this public forum. gojs at

I believe we’ve fixed stroke separator issue in the nodes, but if you can share the code for your legend we’d like to look at that too.

@aishraw can you try the version here:

And tell us if it fixes your SVG problems?