Making a grid layout row and column format


I have used grid layout in my GO JS project in the playare container section. I want that Grid in the row and cloumn format. So that I can drop the nodes in row and column location. Instead of grid layout I can use table layout also but is there any sample available for that.

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Utpal Maity

Yes, see Table Layout.


I have implemented your suggestion. But I have one more requirement . Whenever I will drop a node in a particular cell I want to assign that particular cell and row value and assign it to node data . How I will do that?

Yes, we should extend the TableLayout class to include a method or two to determine the row and column for a given point. This is just a matter of searching the RowColumnDefinitions that the TableLayout holds, finding the one whose .position and .height or .width includes the point.

any example on this

We’ll add TableLayout.findColumnForDocumentX and TableLayout.findRowForDocumentY methods in the next release, which should happen later this week.


I have implemented it by tweaking my code. Now I have another requirement. In may table I have two cells but I want to give an option that when client will click a button the second cell will delete or hide and only first cell will be visible. IS there any option avaliable in the API.

You’ll have to iterate through all of the nodes to find those with a particular row and column.

no my new requirement is different. I want to hide a column

Yes – find all Parts whose column and columnSpan include the column(s) that you want to hide, and set their visible to false.