Manipulate nodes

I want to create draws, and then manipulate the labels. First call the draw, then change the figures or labes, then show to the user

What problem did you encounter?
Did you look at the implementation of any of the samples?

I am sorry, i am new, so what i want to do is something like create a document and later manipulate the objects in this document, so when a user want to see the document, a process update the labes or icons, and change the document so the user could see the new data.
I.e. Create a document with three nodes (A,B,C,D) and links between them, each nde represents a computer, if the comunication is broken between A and B, change the label on the link saying something, and change the icon B on that was originally and now use .
Original Doc:
A &nbsp ; &nbsp ; B &nbsp ; &nbsp ; C &nbs p; &nbs p; D
-------OK --------------OK ------- -------OK -------
Changed document
A &nbsp ; &nbsp ; B &nbsp ; &nbsp ; C &nbsp ; &nbsp ; D
bad*-------OK ------- -------OK -------

Sure, that would be easy to do.
For the link, that would just be a matter of changing the GoText.Text property of the GoLabeledLink.MidLabel (assuming that label was in fact a GoText, as it usually is), and changing the Pen of the GoLabeledLink to a different Pen, perhaps thicker with a different color.
For the node, you might be using a GoIconicNode, in which case you can just change the property: GoIconicNode.Image.Index to refer to a different bitmap in an ImageList.
For an example of simple animation, look at the Processor sample. Draw a graph and click the Animate button.

There is alot of talk about this Processor sample. Where can I download this?

It’s in the Samples directory. But maybe you are using GoDiagram Express, which does not provide features that Processor requires.
Nevertheless, everything I said in my previous post here you can implement in GoDiagram Express. The best thing you could do is just install the GoDiagram Win kit and look at and debug the Processor sample that way, under an evaluation license.
Regarding animation, you just need to set up a Windows Forms Timer.

Thanks! I found out that my problem was that the Northwoods library does not like manipulation of the diagram from another thread ( just as windows forms does not). For those interested, you can manipulate the diagram from another thread by creating a delage in the main thread and doing a .Invoke from another thread which essentially passes control from the one thread to the main (GUI) thread.