I have a problem when i do lots of click on Gooverview or goview.

My screen freeze and i must reload my web page in order to move some nodes.

Did it come from goweb.js or another file which allow a number max of mouse click.


There isn’t any limit on the number of mouse events.

How do you perform those "lots of clicks"? Are they all "at once"?
Also, what browser and ASP.NET and GoDiagram Web versions are you using?

I click everywhere in the goview or gooverview a lots of times(more than five) in 1 or 2 seconds and it freezes.

I use ASP.NET 1.1 and Godiagram and IE6,7.

Can you help me???

I tried again and i notice that it freeze not just because i make many click but when i make many click while moving (like fast click and drag)

Does it happen if you only click (i.e. down and up at the same point)?

Does it happen if only only do drags, but not so quickly -- i.e. with more time between drags?

Does it happen if you only click (i.e. down and up at the same point)?


Does it happen if only only do drags, but not so quickly – i.e. with more time between drags?


Just when i click and drag a lot of times

Actually, do you have any indication this is just a problem on the client side (i.e. in the JavaScript), or might there be a problem on the server somehow?
I'm unable to reproduce the problem with our sample web applications. Are you able to do so? If you can, I would really appreciate if you could tell me how.

I modified goweb.js in order to do some actions on click , doubleclick and others.

It might be come from here.

How can i reload these controls (goview and gooverview) with the fonction of goweb.js

Well, what changes did you make to GoWeb.js?

If you just want to handle single/double/context clicks on the client, you should have just set the GoView.DataRenderer properties, or set the GoPartInfo properties for particular GoObjects by overriding GoObject.GetPartInfo.
So you shouldn't have had to make any changes to GoWeb.js in order to implement custom click event behavior in JavaScript.

Concerning your question about where does the problem come from?

I make some tests and it come from the server and not the client.

Because when it freeze i put some breakpoints on code and it doesn’t pass through but my javascript’s code can be execute.

Where does the problem come from ???

Could you tell me how to reproduce the problem in any of the sample web applications? Or could you provide a minimal web app in which I can reproduce the problem? I need some more information about how to cause the problem.

Are you still modifying GoWeb.js? What changes did you make, and why?

Yes i’m still modifying Goweb.js

I modified goDBLclick in order to make ajax treatments

I modified gomouseup too to make change on my web page (change color).

If you remove those changes to GoWeb.js, does the problem still happen? Yes, your additional functionality would not be present, but you can try using the standard GoWeb.js file just to experiment.

As I said before, I am unable to reproduce the problem from your description, so I'm still looking for help in understanding when the problem happens.

I remove changes it works.

I tried to change step to step goweb.js i found the problems.

Thanks for your help