Matrix Positioning

Today JGo enables to place a node anywhere in document. I want to limit that so there will be like an unvisible matrix with a predifine cell hieght and width. When drag and drop a node, the node will be placed according to the x,y of the cell it was dropped in.
As well I need the auto-layout will behave accordingly.
Is there something in JGo that can help me with that?

Does the grid support in JGoView not meet your needs?
Regarding autolayout, I think that would require overriding JGoNetworkNode.commitPosition(). To make use of your custom JGoNetworkNode class, you’ll need to override JGoNetwork.createNetworkNode() to return a new instance of your class. And then you’ll need to pass an instance of your custom JGoNetwork class to your autolayout object, rather than depending on the default JGoNetwork that it creates.