maxUnoccupiedH is not a function

I am using the AvoidsLinksRouter in my angular app using GOJS 3.0.2. I am having this issue. Not sure how to fix this

TypeError: C.maxUnoccupiedH is not a function
at D.adjustOverlaps (AvoidsLinksRouter.ts:379:42)
at D.routeLinks (AvoidsLinksRouter.ts:169:12)
at Tn.doLinkRouting (go.mjs:13:77521)
at Tn.yS (go.mjs:13:78653)
at Tn.wr (go.mjs:13:23734)
at Tn.maybeUpdate (go.mjs:13:22818)
at Tn.uR (go.mjs:13:67551)
at fr.doModelChanged (go.mjs:21:24626)
at fr.doModelChanged (go.mjs:21:32839)
at Tn.JM (go.mjs:12:13258)

I was able to fix by adding checks

Sorry about that – we renamed this undocumented method but shouldn’t have. Grab the 3.0.3 version of the extension at: