Members of group disappears while panning or scrolling the diagram


In the newest version of GoJS beta, I’ve encountered strange thing. I have a simple diagram with nodes and groups. When I scroll or pan the diagram, as long as I hold the mouse, everything in groups disappears. It shows again after unclicking mouse button.
You can see a screen recording with it here: Błąd
As you can see, only group contents are behaving strangely. Everything that’s outside of groups displays correctly. However, on GoJS 2.0.0-beta8 it was working correctly, without any problems.

After a small investigation, our dev team has found out that the problem occurs on GoJS 2.0.0-beta10 and GoJS 2.0.0-beta9. As I said before when I revert back to 2.0.0-beta8, everything works fine, so it looks that some change introduced in beta9 has caused it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a changelog for beta versions, so I don’t know what has been changed what could cause it.

Best regards,
Tomasz Świstak

Yes, I believe that is a known drawing bug that we have already fixed. But we haven’t yet put out another release. We’ll do that today.

Thanks for reporting the problem.