Memory management for Angular 6 app

HI I am new user for GOJS. We are implementing this on our Angular 6 Project. I just wanted to know more mon the memory leak and memory management specially on the GOJS part.

Is there any document or topic for the same ??

JavaScript has automatic garbage collection, so your code only has to make sure it does not retain any references that it no longer needs. That is especially true for DOM objects and event listeners.

But all of those considerations are general programming issues in browsers – they have nothing specifically to do with GoJS. As far as we know, GoJS does not have any memory leaks. The only memory-accumulating activity is due to the UndoManager, if you have enabled it. But that is intentionally recording history. And even that is limited, unless you have removed its history limit, which would be unusual.

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Thanks Walter, I just wanted to understand if any memory-accumulation is happening from GOJS. As you mentioned it I am pretty comfortable now. :)