Merged Links when connecting to same node, from different nodes

How can i avoid links to be merged, like in the picture :

I used the “AllSides” in the node template, didn’t help.

By the way i used “AvoidsNodes” for the link routing

Because you are using AvoidsNodes routing, in your screenshot there really isn’t any space to have the links spread apart without crossing over nodes.

With Avoids nodes, it looks like this :

Node A goes to C by passing on the left side of B.
When i take of the avvoidsnodes, it looks like this :

Actually, i think i miss leaded you. In the topic title i though that A is connected to B. I was wrong.
So, i can tell node A to “step aside” while going to C ?

What happens if you set toSpot to go.Spot.LeftSide?